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Article~The Busy Bee Trader
January 2017

by Davorka Whiteside

              New Year’s Resolutions January to December

January- Out with the Old, In with the New.  Everyone has an old piece if furniture they have been thinking about replacing. Now is the time. 

February – Get Your Creative Juices Flowing.  Did you know that Antiques, Art & Collectibles offers classes in silk painting;
and classes on milk painting?

March – Start a collection of coins, or stamps, or carnival glass,
maybe knives, or model cars, or comic books.

April – Become a vendor.  Have you ever thought you would like to have your own antique booth?  Do you have antiques, or crafts or collections of your own that you would like to sell?

May – Start collecting original art like oil or watercolor painting.

June – Rejuvenate some of your time weary wooden furniture. How about refinishing or painting that desk or dresser? We not only have a great selection of paints and finishes, we have experts on staff who can guide you through the process.

July -  Change your “Look”.  Clean out your closet.  Add a modern look to your wardrobe.  How about a new hat or purse?

August – Add to your jewelry collection.  What woman really has enough?

September – Buy a Shelbyville or Celebration souvenir.  Are you looking for a Tee Shirt, cutting board, or breadbasket with walking horse logos?

October - Buy new china or replace those chipped or broken cups or plates.

November – Stimulate your mind by starting a new book or delving into a subject that has always intrigued you.

December – Since this is a month of presents, buy something unique like handmade rugs, wooden signs, knitted baby clothing, or barn-wood furniture.

Come to Antiques, Art & Collectibles Mall and turn these resolutions into reality.